About Us

When you pull up to any of the Ricker’s Indy Metro gas stations and stores, we calculate your tailpipe emissions and invest in certified carbon reduction projects like planting trees and solar power projects, to reduce your vehicle’s emissions and your carbon footprint by up to 30%. That’s 30% cleaner than any other gas around! The best part is, you don’t have to do anything differently, just pump your gas as you normally would, and feel good about your fuel. Ricker’s Replenish is a program specifically designed to help replenish and give back to Indianapolis. Ricker’s Replenish goes a step further and plants trees locally with the Arbor Day Foundation in places like the Patoka River Watershed, and with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful in places like the Springdale Neighborhood where we’re preserving a 300 year old tree! Each time you fill up at Ricker’s, YOU are making a direct and positive impact on our community – it’s a difference you can breathe! That’s why we say “Pump Here. Plant Trees.”


Hydro Power


Landfill Gas

Wind Power



Interested in learning more? Want to see what projects we are supporting and all the improvements you’re making? Then click the link or send us a comment about what else you’d like to see when you "Pump Here. Plant Trees."