Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to turn green. Whether you’re celebrating with someone special, or just hanging out with friends, use these tips to make it green!   


Wanting to do break the mold and do something other than the typical dinner date? Volunteering is a great way to get outside and get involved in your community! Nonprofit Organizations and charities are always in search of volunteers. Volunteering would provide you with an opportunity to give back to your community this Valentine’s Day. Some options for volunteering are, a park cleanup, working in a soup kitchen, an animal shelter or a Habitat for Humanity project in your area this year.

If you’re more in the mood to give a gift,  schedule a time for you and your Valentine to get outdoors, breathe some fresh air, get your hands a little dirty and plant a tree this Valentine’s Day! Planting a tree will provide a memorable outdoor experience while you celebrate the holiday and you will leave a lasting impact on the environment and your community. Plus, you will have gifted something that can be revisited year after year! If you’re not into the tree idea, give your significant other a potted plant instead of a bouquet of roses.  This gift will be a lasting reminder long after February has passed.


Recycle & Reuse

If you do decide to use paper products or other recyclables such as champagne or wine bottles remember to recycle them! Any wrapping paper, gift bags or boxes can also be saved for future use.



When you’re looking for a card to go with that perfect gift, look for cards that are made out of recycled materials! It is also a good idea to give your card a personal touch, this will provide a more personable way of expressing your feelings and will give your Valentine more of an inclination to keep the card.

Additionally, consider the logistical impact a gift may have on the environment before you purchase it. When buying items such as flowers, chocolate, jewelry, or clothing the more local you shop the better. Buying locally not only reduces the impact of a purchased product’s footprint but gives back to your local economy!



Fill up with Replenish at your local Ricker’s before heading to your Valentine’s plans! Filling up with Replenish will reduce your emissions and is another way you can help make Valentine’s Day green!  Happy Valentine’s Day!