Pump Here. Plant Trees.

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What is Ricker’s Replenish™?

When you choose to fill up at Ricker’s, you’re not just choosing our best gasoline. You’re choosing to “Pump Here. Plant Trees.” and support a local, family-owned Indiana business that employs more than 800 Hoosiers. You’re also choosing to help replenish and create a positive impact on our environment. That’s because every time you fill up at one of our participating Indianapolis locations, we’re donating a portion of every gallon to planting trees and carbon offset programs to help reduce your tailpipe emissions. Making our city cleaner and greener!

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Interested in purchasing Ricker’s Replenish™ and reducing your emissions? Simply visit a participating store in the Indianapolis, IN area or click the button below! Pump Here. Plant Trees.

How It Works

For every gallon Ricker’s Fuel you purchase from a store in the Ricker’s Replenish program, we invest in local greenscape, reforestation, wildlife protection, and renewable energy projects that not only reduce your car’s emissions but also improve your community for years to come! That’s why we say “Pump Here. Plant Trees.” because that’s what you’re doing!

Who We Are

Millions of consumers want eco-friendly, organic, and natural products. Communities are concerned about their wildlife, outdoors, and air quality. Blue bins are everywhere and over 89% of consumers recycle. Yet, given the state of automotive technology consumers still emit millions of metric tons of Carbon Dioxide when they drive. We are here to provide consumers with a local solution that enables them to improve their communities for years to come. That’s what happens when you “Pump Here. Plant Trees.”


Interested in helping out? Want to get the word about about how awesome Ricker’s Replenish is?
Click the button below to volunteer and keep checking back with RickersReplenish.com for more updates about local projects that help you “Pump Here. Plant Trees.” near you!